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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  April 8, 2010 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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it. was it exciting? >> of course it was. it was very exciting. so we'll share that in the morning and the first part coming up in 30 minutes. and tony, going to be cooler than last night. and i have to say i debated turning the air-conditioner on. >> did you really? you debated turning it on. >> it was like 90 in the house, i turned mine on. today maybe not. going to be into the 80s today. then the real changes come. if you had your air-conditioner on, you'll turn it off by tomorrow. and a few clouds out there this morning but the bulk of the cloud cover is associated with a cloud cover out to the west and it will come through here later today and then we'll see changes in the atmosphere conditions in terms of cooler air and in terms of precipitation developing here and there across the region.
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right now reagan national, current temperature is 70 degrees. relative humidity 57%. winds out of the south at 10 miles per hour. your forecast for today, increasing clouds, a late-day shower. thunderstorms are possible too. high today 85 degrees as opposed to yesterday's high of 90. that's a look at the weather. now let's get to julie wright and find out what is happening with traffic. julie. >> you turned on the a.c., for real? >> yeah. it was 90 degrees yesterday. >> oh, my goodness. we just had the windows open. sitting on the couch eating nutty buddies, that's how we keep cool. >> more than one? >> it was hot yesterday, tony. what are you trying to say? here we are on the roads. lanes open on 270 leaving rockville toward the split. no problems to report along this stretch. had reports of an incident tieing up the entrance to the shade yes grove metro. so coming off of shady grove, you make the right hand toward the metro and we have a disabled vehicle but lanes open on shady grove, 370 open for
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business. no trouble there. 95 slowing out of woodbridge leaving prince william toward route 1. slow traffic spring street up to deacon 395. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. we are learning more details about a mid-air emergency on board a flight from d.c. to denver, colorado. fighter jets intercepted a plane after a passenger caused a bomb scare. it turns out it may have been a misunderstanding. doug luzader has more. >> reporter: we're still learning about some of the details here, but it looks like this was simply a passenger smoking in a lavatory and it set off a massive response. emergency vehicles flooded the runway at denver international airport where passengers aboard the united airline 757 were ushered off the plane and questioned. their families were left waiting for information. >> there was an incident. some guy got mad in first class and had a tantrum.
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the way he described it, he was chuckling about it and he said he probably tried to -- they thought maybe he tried to ignite something. >> reporter: that happened after the plane took off from washington just after 5:00 yesterday. law enforcement officials tell the associated press that the passenger, a diplomat from qatar, may have been smoking in the plane's bathroom. when he was asked about it, he reportedly joked about lighting his shoes on fire. that was the type of attack shoe bomber richard reid tried to do back in 2001 and back in december another man tried to ignite explosives in his underwear. that might be there was a quick response to call in reinforcements to escort the flight to denver where passengers were eventually allowed to leave. >> i was more annoyed than anything else. so doesn't sound like it was alarming. >> reporter: air marshalls did find it alarming and the president has been briefed on
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the incident. that point it doesn't look like the passenger will face charges. in washington, doug luzader, news. >> the embassy of qatar said he was not engaged in any activity and the facts will conceal this was a misjudgment. three people have died in an accident in anne arundel county. there was a head-on collision in severn around 10:30 last night. the suv caught fire. two people in the suv died at the scene. the pickup driver died at the hospital. police are still looking into this one. and crews are still trying to figure out what sparked a fire at a townhome complex that happened in the 7800 block of jacobs drive in greenbelt and stacy cohan is live there on the scene with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. this is in greenbelt.
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i can see eleanor roosevelt high school from here. and the fire this morning was very intense. take a look at the video from around 1:30 this morning. when the fire broke out it started behind an end-unit townhome and leapt to five townhomes and four interconnected or adjacent to where the fire started. there are 19 adults and two infants displaced by this fire. fortunately no one suffered any injuries. one firefighter did suffer minor injuries but declined to be treated or transported from the scene. we talked to several neighbors who happened to be awake at the time of the fire and here is what one man said to watch the whole thing burn. >> it was hot. i mean i saw lots of flames and it started here and went up the side. we couldn't see all of the damage in the back. i just walked around to the back to see how badly it was damaged there but we saw the fire jumping across the roofs and coming out of the bedroom
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windows in the second floor of this first house. it really lingered in this first house for a while after it appeared to have been put out, it seemed to have caught again a few times. >> reporter: no word yet on what caused this fire and the red cross has been working with families that are out of a home at this moment. we'll have more coming up later on fox 5 morning news. live from greenbelt, back to you. we are learning more this morning about the progress that crews are making in the frantic search for four missing miners in west virginia. >> they are still holding out hope that the workers escaped the explosion and made it to an airtight chamber with extra oxygen and water. but the search continues this morning. let's get back to west virginia where will thomas has the latest for us. >> reporter: steve and allison, good morning. real progress this morning. about 4:55 a.m. rescuers reentered the mine to get to where the four miners
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are believed to be. they are advancing on a man trip and rail car and they will go 75% of the way. it is a five mile trek from the point of entry. some will be on foot. conditions will determine how quickly they can move forward. the 32 rescuers are using oxygen tanks but if the air quality becomes dangerous, meaning ideal for another explosion, they'll have to pull back or stop advancing. now this is a rescue effort so all of the rescuers are focused on trying to find the four missing miners. >> right now we're in the full rescue. rescue is basically that we have four unaccounted for. we want to make sure we are able to locate and hopefully by some miracle and a sliver of the hope that we have we find somebody. and we do know that our only chances of somebody could have gotten to that chamber. families are very hopeful but very prayerful that today we can put a finality to this
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today and that we can have a conclusion to this and that we can hopefully start returning the loved ones to their family members. >> reporter: we understand the rescuers are in about 25%. they'll eventually have to walk a mile to a mile and a half. a ball park figure according to the governor mansion is perhaps at noon today at the time in which they would actually reach the area where the four missing miners are believed to be. there is a lot of talk about this refuge chamber. this is the only hope, the sliver of hope as the governor puts it, and essentially this is a container that would expand once it is activated and the miners are able to access it. it has enough food, water and filter for 15 miners to survive up to four days so we're still within that window and hope is still the key word. family members, as many as 20, perhaps 22, still in a holding area not far from where we are
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waiting for newsed about their loved ones. you have 18 miners in there right now, all but four are already confirmed dead. all of the family members are huddled together, pulling for one another and waiting for word. our next briefing is this morning at 8:30 and we'll be back then. will thomas, fox news. back to you. >> the coal mine has a long history of safety violations. on monday massey energy got slapped with two more violations. one of those involved two inadequate maps of escape routes. a mine inspector is confident that had nothing to do with the blast that killed the 25 miners. welcome to history part two. >> a big story we're following in maryland. former governor bob ehrlich making it official in rockville, he's running to take
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his old job back to rematch alley. he wants the state's sales tax and to help small business to create jobs, two things on the agenda. a poll has o'malley leading by six points. time now 4 minutes before 7:10 -- or i should say 7:10. >> president obama in prague signing a knew clear arms contract. and we'll talk with the mayor about the new deal with the teacher's union and why a federal judge found him in contempt with issues over child welfare. and also in washington. >> so you've been living in washington for over a year, do you consider yourself a
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washingtonian yet. >> it feels like home. i don't want to be presumptuous but it does feel like home. >> you don't want to miss the white house interview and that is coming up. it is now 7:10.
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7:14 on this thursday morning and that means it is time for us to be joined by d.c. mayor adrian fenty for fenty on fox. ing with us. >> thank you for having me back. >> you look to have a nice tan. it's probably just from being outside. now the teachers do have their contract and it still has to be ratified and approved by the council. your thoughts on this? >> this is huge news. it's huge news for the city,
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but it's also a national trend- setting contract and most importantly it is a contract that will allow teachers to be paid more and a contract geared toward students' performance. so all of the various components of the contract will be triggered based on how the students are performing which is exactly how it should be. >> and it will make our teachers, some of the best paid if they can follow through and chancellor rhee it won't stop weeding out teachers that she don't feel are effective educators, but it will put our teachers in a nice position country-wide as far as salary on par. >> the teachers will be eligible for a 20% pay increase, which is fabulous in any profession. but teachers are historically underpaid. the chancellor talked about yesterday that teacher is the most important and noblist
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profession and not even close to what lawyers or doctors or other people may expect to get paid. so we're starting to turn that around with this collective bargaining agreement. there is a couple of provisions that would allow teachers to be paid into the hundreds of thousands of dollars and that's exactly how it should be. so it's very exciting for d.c. public schools. >> and my last question on this, one thing we said too was in perhaps an unusual move, some of the money, some $64 million paid for by foundations that say if you go to a school that has been historically underperformerring you're going to get this money or incentive. is that unusual for private foundations to come in with almost supplementing the salaries to say keep up the good work. >> well the short answer is yes. there are private corporations that support public schools. but these particular private organizations have been supporting public charter
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schools and nonprofits and they have long thought that traditional urban school systems are too bureaucratic, that don't think outside of the box enough and so now in ponying up dollars to help out the school system, it's not just a great sign for d.c. but hopefully for all public school districts in the country that wealthy private foundations will put in money if you can move aggressively and they think our collective bargaining agreement does that. and so just a fantastic day yesterday and it will mean a lot for our teachers and kids. >> want to talk about the child welfare agency for a minute. we had news on monday, a federal judge found you in contempt because of the handling of some of the allegations involved in one of the long-running lawsuits with child welfare. first of all, how do we get to this point where you were found in contempt as far as the obligations? is the city honoring the obligations? >> the city is not only honoring the obligations but in most of the pleadings and in
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the oral court testimony, you'll hear from the judge's mouth that the district of columbia and in this case and one other, is really doing well. that we have probably been able to make more progress in three years than city has made in about three decades. this contempt issue centers primarily around the hiring of most recent director for the child welfare agency. there was a provision that said we need to do some consultation with the plaintiffs. there was some consultation. ultimately we all agreed that we went with a director who we thought had done a great job as an inturn, had been there for some time and had the trust and support of the workers and he's doing a fantastic job, but i think the plaintiffs in the case wanted someone else to be hired. so there was a disagreement. we didn't think it was to the level of a contempt but that's surely up to the judge.
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and all of the other issues are not only going well, but we believe that if we keep on this progress, we'll be able to get out of court oversight within months, hopefully if not even sooner. >> want to talk about the recent news about vincent gray throwing his hat into the ring for mayor. does this change how you run to regain your seat come fall? >> no, it does not. this is my fourth major campaign for office in washington, d.c. i've always believed that you run your campaign both in strategy and in substance based upon what you can do for the voters. so you'll hear me talk over the next five months about the things that we've done in the city and the record number of recreation centers and the renovation to schools and the test scores going up, the commitment to homeless services and the balanced budget and the crime going down. we'll talk about what we've done and the commitment to keep
7:20 am
those things up over the next four years and then of course administratively that people who work for me will continue to run the city in a fantastic way. >> we are continuing to try to get things done with the partnership with the mayor's office and your help so we want to get to an e-mail. from mrs. brown who wrote in from southeast d.c. and her question, and i'll paraphrase, she lives on burns court southeast and said after the recent snowfall, it knocked down a few signs and that was lying in the middle of the road for a long time and she wrote in and asked if you could do something about it and here is the proof you got your crews out there and were able to get this sign. maybe not the only one in the city that this has happened to but i'm hoping you can keep a lookout for other signs that needed to be replaced. >> and i want to say we appreciate the fox 5 viewers e-
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mailing these in. people do e-mail 311 or the call center. but i look at pictures from my neighborhood services team every month of signs that either fell upside down or may have gotten graffiti on them or faded that we are replacing. and one of the things i hear from residents is really clean, and much more inviting and people are seeing replacement of signage. we don't let it look blighted. it makes a big difference in the community. >> thank you mrs. brown for your e-mail you got your results so thank the mayor. >> and you can e-mail your question for the mayor at mayor, have a good rest of the day. >> thank you for being here this morning. and now we want to check in with tony perkins. you can get out and enjoy the day. 70 degrees today. >> a few clouds on the horizon. our temperatures have dropped now. we're at 69 degrees at this hour as you take a look at the
7:22 am
current temperatures around the region. 69 in the region, 68 at dulles. 69 in baltimore. some clouds on the horizon. but we're seeing a fair amount of sunshine. a good amount of sunshine actually. we'll see an increase in clouds as the day progresses with a few rain showers out to the west. moving in here late afternoon and during the evening. maybe a couple of thunderstorms too. looking for a high today of about 85 degrees. more on that coming up in just a little bit. steve and allison, back to you. right now 7:22. opposition leaders oust the president of one asian country. more on the plans to take overcoming up next on fox 5 morning news. plus the president signs a new treaty with russia. the message some say it will send to the rest of the international community. and nike's new add with tiger woods and it features the voice of his late father and it's getting a lot of buzz. so is it a hit or miss. and plus more of my interview with michelle obama coming up next on fox 5 morning news.
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new this morning, a historic return to nuclear arms control between the united states and russia. in the last hour there was a treaty signed by both nations to reduce arms by one-third. it does not include everything the expandner chief wanted but -- the commander in chief wanted but says it is a start. >> one year ago this week i came here to prague and committed to stopping the spread of nuclear weapons and seeking the ultimate goal of a world without them. i said then and i will repeat now that this is a long-term goal. one that may not even be achieved in my lifetime. >> the pack shrinks the number of war heads to 1550 over 7 years and also create aid
7:27 am
verification process to guard against cheating and the treaty still needs to be ratified by the u.s. senate and the russian legislature. an opposition coalition has formed a new interim government in the central asian nation of kyrgyzstan. police killed dozens of anti- government demonstrators who demanded that the president step down. it put american military flight news afghanistan in jeopardy. the interim government said it will rule until elections are held in six months. time now is 7:27 on this thursday morning. and busts for being naked inside his own home. so did he commit a crime? find out what the jury had to say next on fox 5 morning news. and then hear from first lady mish obama. i sat down to talk with her how she's adjusting to the nation's capitol and how she is
7:28 am
adjusting to life in the city. we'll have that coming up. it's 7:27.
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making headlines now, a virginia man charged and tried for walking around naked in his own home. he learned his fate. a jury found that eric williamson was not guilty. police entered his springfield home with guns drawn back in october. a woman said williamson made eye contact while naked in his home as she walked with her son to school. williamson admitted he was naked but he didn't realize that anyone could see him. a new commercial featuring tiger woods causing quite a buzz now. >> i want to find out what your feelings are and did you learn anything? >> the words are a recording of tiger's late father and mentor earl woods. tiger stared silently while his father talked about taking responsibility. the nicki aired the ad on the eve of the masters yesterday.
7:32 am
nike one of the few sponsors to stand by woods during the sex scandal. all eyes will be on tiger as he makes his return to golf. >> a few hours from now he will tee off for the master's in augusta. this is the first round after the crash at his florida home that revealed a number of marital affairs. the chairman at augusta had this to say. >> it is not simply the conduct that is egregious, it is the fact that he disappointed all of us and our kids and grandkids. is there a way forward? i hope yes. i think yes. this year it will not be just for him, but for all of who believe in second chances. >> the news conference this week showed woods take blame for the multiple marital
7:33 am
affairs. and now we're going to cool things off. >> we're talking about middle of the summer feelings. >> and today will be another summer-like day because it's going to be in the 80s. not 90 like we've had but some thunderstorms will likely pop up here and there. that's what we have on tap. we'll start by showing you the pollen count. it has really been a problem. i was saying earlier, you go to the stores and they are out of allergy medication because everybody has been in there already. take a look at the tree pollen. very high. one of the highest numbers we've ever seen. so it is very good or very bad obviously for those of you suffering with allergies and today will be another rough day. hopefully we'll get that rain through here and knock down some of those numbers. current temperatures around the region. we've seen these move around just a little bit during last couple of hours. 69 degrees here in washington. 68 in gaithersburg.
7:34 am
baltimore at 69. and in culpeper it is 68 degrees at this hour. a look at satellite radar composite for the region. a couple of clouds out there but lenny of sun. look at that. you can see a nice break in the clouds. and we've been talking about expecting that and so there it is. very nice sunny skies at this hour. more clouds will build in later on today as the frontal system makes its way eastward. you can see quite clearly the precipitation aligned with this front. there was heavy rain associated with it last night. not so much now. down to the south. and here is a look at slight risk map. as the front comes through it will interact with the warm air and could trigger some thunderstorms. officially we're at a slight risk for severe weather at this point. so we'll have to wait and see how things develop during the course of the afternoon and evening. forecast then for washington for today, increasing clouds, good sunshine now, late-day showers and some thunderstorms possible. 85 degrees for the high. during the thunderstorms, you
7:35 am
could see some strong, gusty winds. five-day forecast, again after a day yesterday in the 90s and the day before that, friday 61 for the high. and then friday night and into saturday, in town the overnight low of 43 so it's possible some of you will see overnight lows in the 30s. that will be rough after the week we've had. 63 on saturday but dry. sunday dry and 73 for monday with sunshine. that's the weather. now more on the morning rush hour traffic from julie wright. a mouthful to spit out. rhode island at 14th street, and crash on the right side of the road. delays beginning back at 16th street. and in montgomery county, river road and falls road for the crash. outer loop slowing from 95 college park headed in toward silver spring. 270 is on and off the brakes, germantown to the lane divide. outer loop from springfield, heavy volume leaving van dorn around eisenhower into the sun. north bound on 95, slow from dale city to route 1 and spring
7:36 am
street on route 95. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. she has the most famous address in america and has to be in touch with what life is like in every corner of the country. but the first lady michelle obama does live here in washington and is keeping close tabs in our community. and i talked with her about everything from concerns about crime and quality education to how she's adjusting to living here in the nation's capital. >> so you've been living in washington for more than a year. do you consider yourself a washingtonian yet? >> it feels like home. i don't want to be presumptuous, and i figure i should put in more time but this is home without a doubt. >> anybody who does live here does know there is a wash that is working class and poor and struggling right now. do you try to stay in touch with all parts of the city. >> it's been important. ever since we came here, when
7:37 am
we talk about the white house being the people's house. it's the people everywhere. it's not just the people who have access and can get the tour, but it's young kids who live in southeast and northeast and places around this area that have never set foot anywhere near this white house. and some of the best moments have been seeing them walk in those doors, whether it's trick or treating for halloween, seeing some of their faces, the walk along the front north portico to come up and see the president and handing out candy and feeling like i belong here has been really important for our family. >> as a parent and as a resident of any city, two things that come to mind and keep in mind, of course education and crime. when you see something, granted you're in the most secure house in america, but when you hear about something like ten people shot in a drive by in southeast
7:38 am
washington, do you think, this is in my city now? >> yeah. well it's been in my city for a long time. you grow up on the south side of chicago, unfortunately the stories of young kids getting gunned down is a part of life and you never want to get too comfortable with it. but when it happens more and more, you don't get used to it, but it exists. and living here is just a reminder that these issues aren't unique to chicago. they are happening all across this country and we need to make sure our kids are protected, that they're getting the kind of education that they need, they have the opportunities to really see a life for themselves. when you see a possibility it makes it harder to do some of the short-term stuff that is so destructive. and that's why investing in education and making sure more and more kids have the
7:39 am
opportunity to go to college, that we're improving the high schools so that kids are coming out prepared to go to college or at least prepared to take on a job is a critical part of this administration's efforts. >> you've been great in your out reach going out to schools and talking with a number of kids and inviting them here to the white house which we see every day here. we know the kids are excited about it. what are you learning from them? >> they keep us on our toes. we're reminded that they know what is going on and they know what makes sense and they are open. working with kids on this garden, for example, was really to help to lay the foundation for the let's move health initiative for kids that i've launched because what i saw in them was the openness to something new. whether it was a new vegetable or new way of thinking about eating and living, kids still can be molded and melded. they're not sort of stuck in
7:40 am
old habits. they are ready for change. and they're excited about it. so i think that continuing to have them engaged in this white house reminds us of who we are really doing this stuff for. >> we have more with first lady michelle obama that we'll continue to air throughout the morning. that's one part of the interview. you can watch the entire interview online at and if you would like to learn even more about her washington, a great article in the traveler magazine. they spent a lot of time with her talking about the things she likes to do in and around washington. you can check that out or keep it right here and we'll continue to air what we had to talk about throughout the morning. >> i love it. i love that insight. >> nice to know what they are thinking. it is 7:40 right now. a thursday morning. and governor bob mcdonnell reinstated confederate history month touching off a fire storm of history month.
7:41 am
the decision he made in the proclamation last night and how the critics are responding today. we'll talk to the president and ceo of the black caucus foundation. and a warning for atm holders. card thieves are skimming again and how you can protect yourself coming up. it's 7:41 on this thursday morning. 
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making headlines, montgomery county police investigating a string of incidents involving theft at a wacovia bank atm in rockville. police say thieves are using a device that slips over the atm slot and captures your account information and a small camera records your pin number giving them access to your personal information. it's called skimming. security experts urge atm users to look out for unusual activity and check your bank statement. the recent wave of warm weather has brought the first
7:45 am
signs of the giveno fruit tree. it packs a very unpleasant odor. d-dot will start spraying the trees tonight in wards one, two and six where it is most prevalent. the other wards will follow. the official hurricane season starts on june 1st and some are saying the cooler ocean temperatures in the pacific mixed with warmer temperatures in the atlantic may stir up tropical trouble. eight hurricanes are predicted for the east coast with four predicted to be major. and wee talked about this about what may or may not happen. it is still early to try to get an official idea of what we might see. >> but the official forecast is out and we'll see what happens. if you want more information, we talked about it this morning in ask the weather guy and tucker went into detail about it so go to and click on ask the weather guys and you can watch it. >> it's pretty detailed. >> it was very good. let's take a look at what is going on out there.
7:46 am
we'll start with our current temperatures. in the 60s in the district. 69 at this hour. 68 at dulles airport. baltimore is at 69 degrees. and ocean city, maryland, is 68. and winchester, virginia, 66 degrees there. and looking at the surface map, there is the warm air. one more day. we won't make it to 90 because clouds will build in as a cold front gets closer but we'll make it well into the 80s. mid-80s. and then a cold front comes through and triggers some showers over the weekend. in fact starting tomorrow we'll have cooler air closer to normal temperatures. our normal high for this -- for today example is 64 degrees. we'll be warmer than that. 85 degrees today. then 61 tomorrow. 63 on saturday. sunday back into the 70s. so we start to warm up again. that's a look at the weather. more is coming up shortly. let's check in with julie wright and find out what is happening on the roads. hi, julie wright. >> it's very busy. especially in northeast washington, in bound along
7:47 am
south dakota at new york there is a crash, only left lane getting by. road island, right bound blocked off. looking good at rockville down toward the split. all lanes here are open. traveling the outer loop in virginia headed for the wilson bridge, traffic volume is heavy and slow leaving van dorn in the direction of eisenhower. 95 slow out of dale city through woodbridge. springfield slow at 95. and south capital street at the douglas bridge will be shut down because coast guard has a ship coming through and that will tie up your trip along south capitol and will be shut down this afternoon and a good option over the anacostia is pennsylvania avenue and the sousa bridge. that's a check your fox 5 on-
7:48 am
time traffic. after governor bob mcdonnell reinstated april as black history month and announced they will add more to the month. and joining us dr. scott from the congressional black caucus foundation. and this has been reinstated in the state of virginia. and i would like to hear your reaction after hearing this news. >> i would have to say we were disappointed after eight years not to have the proclamation to have it issued and then not to mention slavery and then there are other issues that we have some concern about. >> could you share that with our viewers? >> well the proclamation talks off referring to civil war as a war of independence and we had been taught that the american revolutionary war was our war of independence and the civil
7:49 am
war was really a war where people seceded from the united states and it was all about slavery and the slave states trying to maintain control of the slaves and making sure that slavery remained legal in this country. and so i have a real concern when you start referring to that we need to have a month to celebrate a war that was really built around taking away from the united states. >> and indeed, when the story came up, i may say on a personal note, was just going back over history, and even the striking of fort sumter, today i must say it would be looked at as, dare i say, home grown terrorism. but some 50 years later it takes on a different sort of feeling for some. >> and they understand the sons of the con fedder asy, i think who wrote this resolution, they are talking about getting history right but it seems like there is an attempt to distort
7:50 am
history and those of us who are the sons and daughters of slaves. and even the people in virginia who did not fight -- the descendents of people who didn't fight for the con fedder asy why are they not being fighting to say that west virginia is part of the division and in west virginia a lot of people did not believe that the state should secede from the united states and so everybody in virginia did not support the con fedder asy at that time. >> but governor mcdonnell now adding the mention of slavery in this. and i want to read a little statement of -- not the proclamation but the failure to include any reference to slavery was a mistake. i apologize. the adominnation of slavery deprived people of their god given alienable rights and started civil war. and he said it would boost tourism and honor those who died and fought for the south. does it help that this has been
7:51 am
now put in and an admission of what he called a major omission. >> well he may consider it helping him, i think the fact that he did come back and issue this statement is a good thing but the fact that he initially -- his reaction when people asked him about the omission of slavery, he felt like that wasn't important. so it wasn't until some of his supporters, including former governor wilder and sheila johnson issued statements say it was wrong for him to have done that, then he issued the statement about slavery. but one would question as to why the proclamation was reintroduced. the last two governors did not have a proke lommation. and it was ranged to honor -- it was changed to honor those in the civil war. why don't we want to honor everybody, why isn't april the
7:52 am
month to celebrate the -- celebrate the people. and we can still promote tourism. why don't we have a month of tourism celebrating all of the great spots to go and visit as tourists. >> the political watchers could say this was a move to shore up his political base. if this was a political move, is it one at too high of a cost in your opinion for supporters like former governor wilder and also sheila johnson as we've seen and americans working towards perhaps a more truly diverse nation -- one nation? >> i don't want to get to offering political advice to the governor, but from where i sit as the head of a national black organization, we are concerned that we are supposedly operating this, quote, post-racial america with the election of president obama
7:53 am
as the president, but we want to see some evidence as sons and daughters of slaves. we want to see evident that the country is serious about moving beyond where race divides us and i guess one of the big concerns i have is next year we'll celebrate the 150th anniversary of the beginning of the civil war and we don't want this to be an opportunity for people to start trying to divide the country again, to start celebrating the fact that at one point we did have a divided country. and when we see things such as the attorney generals of the various states coming out and opposing the health care bill and the talking about state rights, we have real concerns. we think we need to step back, our political leadership needs to step back and look at how to do things to bring this country together. >> dr. scott, thank you for being with us. >> thank you. time now is 7:53. for many people an apple i pad
7:54 am
would be a luxury. a $500 luxury. so why would someone do this? were has more -- already has a million hits on the internet. we'll show you why after the break. 
7:55 am
7:56 am
ma may not want to look at this
7:57 am
video. some people stood in line all night to get the firsthands on apple i pad to stomp it and toss it around. it makes you cringe. they say they have nothing against apple, they wanted to be the first to break an i pad. >> did they pay for it and then break it up. >> there is your $500 well spent. that was sarcastic. >> i guess but -- three minutes before 8:00. and students learn reading and writing and arithmetic in school. >> now there is a call to learn financial literacy coming up after 8:00. and then two big surprises on american idol last night, truly. stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back.
7:58 am
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8:01 am
a cigarette craving and a joke led to a big security scare on a flight from d.c. to denver. fighter jets were called in but yet no charges. we'll tell what happened. good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm allison seymour. and also ahead, bruce boudreau joins us live and actor andy garcia. >> and we have a lot to talk with them. and my interview with michelle obama. what it's like to raise sasha and malia in the white house. a lot coming up in the house. >> we thought we had a-listers and then you pull out the big guns. >> we'll welcome anybody. and going to be less steamy today? >> yeah. still going to be warm. we'll be in the mid-80s and get some thunderstorms coming through. the real cool air works in overnight tonight and then during the day tomorrow you'll feel the difference. let's look at the satellite radar composite and we'll start
8:02 am
there. not a bad start to the day. temperatures in the upper 60ing and low 70s, a few clouds here and there. less cloudy than it was four hours ago when the show started. were seeing some rainfall out to the west and including areas of heavy rain to the southwest. that's along a cold front moving in here. 68 in dulles, 69 in baltimore. fredericksberg is 70 degrees. ocean city is 68. your forecast for today, increasingg clouds, late-day showers are likely. maybe even some thunderstorms. some of the storms could be strong with strong gusty wins. 85 for your high today. more details on the forecast coming up in just a little bit. >> it's going to really feel like summer today. and looking at julie wright for traffic and i had to thank
8:03 am
my neighbors because they had the grill set up and i was walking bailey and they fed us. >> did they invite you. >> well i was strolling along. and i have a hound dog that sniffs out anything and i sniff out food with my nose. i just happened to be walking the dog. outer loop, leaving 95 to college park. volume delays leaving university through silver spring. southbound 95 and 295, busy out of laurel, in bound 50 going to find delays through riverdale and cheverly and in bound slow through bladensberg. accident on the ramp at south dakota to new york avenue, stay to the left in order to get by. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. well they are now in. crews made it into the collapsed mine in west virginia where an explosion killed 25 people. rescuers hope to find four missing miners today and they admit the sliver of hope they
8:04 am
are holding on to is getting smaller now. will thomas is montcoal with the latest on the search. will, good morning. >> reporter: allison, good morning to you. 32 miners are now inside that mine where the 25 died. they reentered about 5 minutes until 5:00 this morning. the miners are trained to go in there and try to save lives. they are trying to get to the area where the four missing miners are believed to be. they were forced out tuesday morning because of dangerous levels of methane and carbon monoxide. but a huge ventilation hole down 1,000 feet helped clear the eye. and the eyes of the nation are on this rescue mission. it is a slow and methodical process. everyone including the families holding vigil here all agree the last thing they want to do is put the rescuers in any hightenned danger. the priority is getting to the four missing miners. officials hope to do that by
8:05 am
noon today and possibly sooner. conditions will determine the timing. the hope is that one or more of the miners made it to a refuge chamber that would have enough food, water and filter to last about four days. here is governor mansion now with an explanation of the areas where the miners are believed to be. >> we know that they've been here before. we know we can get back to there. we know that we have three in this area unaccounted for. we have one along the long wall. we have one here and we're not sure if we can get back into here. so they'll move as rapidly as they possibly can. >> reporter: so they are separated. three in one location and one in another. but we're told fairly close by. the rescuers going in there are only breathing protected air or oxygen tanks and carrying about 30-pound backpacks. and we're talking about five miles from the point of entry. air quality could become very dangerous or potentially explosive so they are really testing as they go along.
8:06 am
it's slow, methodical. they'll walk it about a mile and a half. they're taking these rail cars or man trips most of the way, about 75%. we're told they are probably at about a 50% arrival to this area right now. then they have to get out because the tracks have been damaged from the explosion. the governor told me he's heading back to the command center right now, then he will get briefed there and then speak to the families, about 22 families holding vigil here and then come back and brief us at about 8:30 this morning so we'll have another update in this hour, allison. >> we do look forward to that, will. thank you so much. the president reached out to the families of the victims killed in the explosion. this is an official white house photo taken when the president called the families. in all 25 people were killed in the explosion of the upper big branch mine in montcoal. this morning the president is in prague where he sign the
8:07 am
biggest pact in a generation. the president and and the russian prime minister signed an agreement to reduce nuclear weapons. and a man will not be facing criminal charges after mohammed al modadi was on board a united airlines flight when he tried to sneak a smoke in the bathroom. investigators say when asked about the smoke, he made a joke about lighting his shoes on fire. authorities say he was not trying to harm anyone. the embassy of qatar said he was not engaged in threatening activities. facts will urge this is a mistake and we avoid all parties of speculation or reckless judgment. an accident in anne arundel
8:08 am
county has claimed the lives of three people. a vehicle and pickup head head on in severn around 10:30 last night. the suv caught fire and the cause is still under investigation. crews are trying to figure out what sparked a fire in the 7800 block of jacobs drive in greenbelt, maryland. stacy cohan is live on the scene with more details. stacy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, allison. this was quite a fire this morning. and we're very fortunate that no one was injured. take a look at what this looked like at 2:00 a.m. the fire apparently began just behind one of the townhomes and quickly set the first end unit alight and then that fire spread on through a cluster of five townhomes in total. three were completely destroyed. two others suffered serious
8:09 am
damage. as many as 19, possibly 20 adults displaced. two infant children are displaced. everybody got out alive. but according to the spokesman mark brady, this could have been different because this was a dangerous fire. >> the two porches fire rs imme requested the evacuation of all firefighters from the building and it's a good thing he did that because just moments after that, the second townhouse in, the entire building collapsed into itself. certainly could have caused or had serious injuries to firefighters if the call had not been made. >> reporter: and the destruction is medium to light- weight construction and that's why the fire spread from one townhome to another so quickly. and the families are being assisted by the american red cross and the victim's assistance folks from the fire department. live in greenbelt, i'm stacy cohan, back to you. up next, more of my one-on-
8:10 am
one interview with first lady michelle obama. find out what it's really like raising children at 1600 pennsylvania avenue and what she would do at d.c. if she could go incognito for one day. find out after this. rainbow, why so blue?
8:11 am
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70 degrees now at 8:13. time for a look at stories making headline this is morning. today the guardian angel will begin patrols in southeast d.c. they'll target south capital street where a shooting occurred last month. and they will conduct out reach and recruiting in ward 8. police are looking for witnesses in a road rage case in franconia. one driver stabbed another driver after he was cut off. this happened on south van dorn near 495 and if you saw anything, call police. and he's running for mayor and now vincent gray can put controversial allegations behind him. the d.c. office of campaign finance has dismissed
8:14 am
accusations that he got a discount on services and repairs to his home from a major developer responsible for projects across the district. he paid the fair amount for the work done and it was found there were no under-handed dealers. and we want to check in with tony perkins and find out about the weather. >> and i'm wearing white pants today and it is too early. i wonder if i'll get some phone calls. >> it's all right. >> when do you start wearing your white pants, steve? >> it's going to be a few years. time for the my first 5 photo of the day. this is mattie. and she is staying cool by playing with the garden hose.
8:15 am
>> so cute. look at that little outfit. >> that looks like a old- fashioned little boy outfit. >> and it was hot and you'll need that again today because it will be in the 80s. to send us your child's picture go to and click on mornings. current temperatures -- we're back up to 70 degrees in the district after being at 69 for a little while. 70 degrees in baltimore. 69 at dulles airport. patuxent naval air station is at 70 degrees. and in winchester, virginia, it is 67 degrees at this hour. here is a look at the satellite radar composite for the eastern united states. things are fine right now. rather pleasant start to the day. humidity has dropped off a bit. so things look good. the sky looks good. but we'll see clouds out west build into the region from the south and west. cloud cover and a frontal system which will bring rain showers. we don't think that's until late in the day. maybe during the evening rush hour we'll get that timing down as the day progresses. five-day forecast, high today about 85 degrees and showers
8:16 am
and thunderstorms later. could have gusty winds with some of the thunderstorms. then our temperatures drop off. highs only in the 60s friday and saturday. back into the 70s on sunday and monday. that's a look at what is happening with the weather. now let's get an update on traffic and for that we go to julie wright. >> the only thing missing from that picture was a little boy and his dog lapping up all of that water. >> could have had a cute little doggy. >> that's what bailey does. and then i'm like share that hose. it's hot out here. and during the middle of the day a ship is coming through and south capitol street will be blocked off between 10:00 and noon. 295 is open, pennsylvania avenue and the sousa bridge good alternates. if you're traveling south along 270 out of germantown, still
8:17 am
heavy and slow leaving germantown to mva. more delays at rockville toward the split. inbound 66 into the sunshine, heavy and slow out of roslyn crossing over the tr bridge. no accidents just volume delays. slow off the gw parkway. but the toll road in good shape off the greenway. traffic does slow at hunter mill road headed east and delays on 66 outside of the beltway between centreville and 7100, nutley street to the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. >> julie, thank you very much. she may live at the white house, but you may have more in common with the first lady than you think. i had the chance to go one-on- one with first lady michelle obama who opened up about being a mom in the white house and how she really wouldn't mind escaping all of the glitz and -- and glamour to do some of the things you do every day. >> and i know you describe yourself as a mom, sos what it like being a mom in the white house. >> it's like being a mom every why. the rules are the rules no matter what. i know we have more support and that's a big advantage. and we've tried to do our best to make sure that when they go into the residence, the part of the white house that is home, that they don't feel like
8:18 am
they're in another world, that they have the space that is theirs where the rules and customs and traditions are familiar and they have -- a space to bring their friends where they feel normal. and we're still focused on their world, even with a father who is in the midst of dealing with world crises. it's important to sit down at the finner table and the first thing is to ask him about their day and sit and listen to it and ask questions and remember the friends' and teachers' names. that's what makes the kids feel like they're at the center of the universe and i want that for my kids and for all kids and i want kids here at the white house so they feel like they are the center of this universe. >> and when you go out, this is washington, it causes quite a stir. everybody wants to know what the first family is up to. and when you're in the motorcade and you see people looking at you and do you think
8:19 am
these people are looking at me. this is my life right now. >> you feel it more when you're in the president's motorcade. there are ways i can be more incognito. but when you're in the big lomb -- limos and the presidential seal and the flag and you say who is here and you realize it's you. >> and now with the motorcade you can go where you want. but if you could leave that motorcade for a day and you could go anywhere in the area, what would you do? >> oh, gosh, there is so many places. i would take a walk. i would take a quiet walk along the recognize voir and look at the cherry blossoms and then meander into georgetown and get a cup of coffee and sit and read a book and then i would get in the car and then i would go into bethesda and maybe do a little shopping. it would be a normal day.
8:20 am
i would have my radio on, the windows down, music blasting. you know, those are my fantasies. >> a normal life. what you could do when you don't have a whole bunch of people around you. i know you said at one point you would sneak out of the white house. i don't know if sneaking out means less vehicles and the motorcade, were you able to get away? >> there are moments when you can quietly do some things, i'll leave it at that. >> and i won't press any more. >> we still have more ahead this morning on my interview with the first lady. it might be surprising to hear where she likes to do when she gets out of the community with her escorts of course. that will come up at a little after 10 after 9:00. and at 8:45 this morning washington caps coach bruce boudreau will join us and we'll talk to andy garcia about his first new movie. and it took a jury 20 minutes to decide whether this man should be arrested for
8:21 am
walking around his own home while being naked and we'll tell you what they did decide coming up. stay with us. it's almost 8:21 now. this is whole soy. you might know that it has protein, but whole soy's also naturally packed... with fiber, antioxidants and other nutrients. and you can get whole soy, mixed together with real fruit, in soyjoy. and look for delicious new blueberry soyjoy.
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8:24 am
the taliban have released video of an american soldier captured in afghanistan last june. he was heard pleading for his release and saying the war in afghanistan is not worth the number of lives lost. and it shows the 24-year-old doing exercises to demonstrate he's in good physical condition. a california man accused of threatening house speaker nancy pelosi makes his first court appearance today. federal officials say gregory ducey was angry about the health care overhaul bill and made threatening phone calls to the speaker. one official said the man spoke directly to her once. so far the fbi is not releasing the charges against the man. a virginia man convicted of indecent exposure for walking around his own home has learned his fate. a jury found eric williamson not guilty. he was arrested at his springfield home back in october after a woman claimed she spotted him naked while inside his home while walking
8:25 am
her son to school outside. williamson admitted he had no clothes on and didn't see them and was drinking coffee in his home at the time and will be careful in the future. >> in hindsight, now that that happened, i won't have an open window in my house. >> his accuser did testify but chose not to speak to the media. he hopes to get the case expunged so he has a clear record. and students learning reading, writing and arithmetic in school. >> and now there is a call to add financial literacy. more on that when we come back. and if you're looking for a job go to our job shop tab. the the company al division are looking for experience in nonprofit fundraising or management. for more on this job go to and click on the
8:26 am
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8:29 am
getting closer to 8:30 now on this thursday morning as we look at some of the stories making headline this is morning. toyota under fire for an e-mail exchange between company executives. and in the e-mail obtained by the associated press, u.s. public relations decker miller alluded to knowing about the gas pedals five days before the massive recall. he told a colleague, quote, the time to hide this one is over. the japanese automaker said in a statement that it does not comment on internal company communications. the snowiest winter in d.c. leaving road work for crews. they filled more than 7600 potholes during most recent pothole paluza. it ended on monday. more than 15,000 potholes have been filled since january 1st.
8:30 am
the recent wave of hot weather causing some trouble. d.c. fire crews seeing a higher number of emergency calls. the department has had to add six additional units to the street to keep up with demand. health problems raise from asthma to dehydration and heat exhaustion. and in addition to those hot temperatures, a lot of folks dealing with the allergy issues. i have a -- what should be a plaque vehicle which has been green for the last three days. >> all of us do. >> a pretty pea green. >> it's amazing how high the pollen tree count is. it's oak pollen. >> and you said it's off the charts. >> yeah. the highest it's ever been measured here in washington. >> i do feel for them, i do. >> and even i got it. >> will the rain help clear that up. >> it should. in fact, we have much improvement in the pollen forecast. and for many people, the hot weather is much for early april. >> and it just came so quickly and just sat there. >> we like to build up to this in may and june. >> we're a conservative town.
8:31 am
>> that's right. and we'll start with temperatures and we're going to be a little cooler today. many of us still consider it hot. highs in the 80s. but cooler than yesterday. not dealing with record highs today. 75 in washington. that's a mild start. our average daytime high this time of year is only 64 degrees. we're above that. 74 in gaithersburg. down in fredericksberg, good morning, where you are 71. our afternoon high temperatures will be back into the middle 80s and that shut feel better because we'll have more cloud cover out there as well and an increasing threat for some showers and even the possibility of thunderstorms today. waking up with sunshine out there. clear skies across the mid- atlantic at this moment but you can see the clouds will be moving in in advance of the cold front and i think by late today and during the evening hours we'll see the rain broke out and working west to east. so if you're out in the mountains of west virginia and maryland, you'll see it first.
8:32 am
and toward the eastern shore, it will arrive during the evening tonight. we're under a slight risk for severe weather. it's possible we could have strong thunderstorms with gusty winds andine hail out there as the cold front pushes through so be on the lookout for that. and the good news for the front is it will make it off shore very quickly and as we get up and out the door tomorrow, it will be much cooler. a decent amount of sunshine tomorrow. and a better chance of thunderstorms tonight. the earliest they would arrive is in and around rush hour. tomorrow's daytime high only 61. look at the weather. 63 on saturday and 73 on sunday. that's a look at the forecast. allison, back to you. >> tucker, thank you. local police investigating a string of incidents involving theft at atm machines. back in february thieves ripped off $60,000 from customers at an atm in alexandria. this time they struck a wacovia bank in rockville.
8:33 am
montgomery county police say they use a device that slips over the atm slot. the whole scam is called skimming. it captures your account information and a small camera records your pin number giving them access to your personal information. they urge atm users to watch out for unusual activity. the last time we talked about this they said it would be shaky and not secure and of course also check your bank statement. and this week communities have come together to teach youth about managing money. and sarah simmons joins us live from our in vesting in our future event. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, steve. it's defendant fatly appropriate considering what the economy has undergone the last couple of years. financial education is something a lot of schools are looking at leading to in their kick -- curriculum and that's what we're talking about that. and with me is laura levine
8:34 am
with the jump start coalition. and so, laura, tell me about what is it that you would like to see in the classrooms, the curriculums you would like to see for students? >> sure. we would like to see financial education in the classroom. and unfortunately many students aren't getting that type of instruction formally. financial education in school is going to level the playing field for a lot of kids who aren't getting this guidance at home. >> reporter: what are the tings -- the things that people that graduate don't know and the common financial strategies that they should have that they don't know about? >> unfortunately, it's kind of across the board. i have done research through surveys of high school students and found that most high school students can't pass a test in general financial literacy. so it really needs to be everything from saving to investing, budgeting, everything that consumers need to know. >> reporter: and give me the
8:35 am
idea of laying the groundwork early. obviously your very familiar with the economy over the past couple of years. how much has that sparked an interest and what is it that -- i guess that people need to know. >> sure. first of all, the financial literacy effort predates the recession but the recession has awakened the public awareness of the need and the importance of financial literacy. and so i think that what we've done is we're using that now to really build some momentum to get this information to consumers, into schools, to everyone who needs it. and you think that its important to introduce this at school age so they can manage their finances before they start making some of the decisions and perhaps mistakes. that's the way we hop to prevent some of the problems. >> do you think a lot of the issues we've had with the economic crisis could have been
8:36 am
avoided had these things been taught at an earlier age. >> i don't know financial education in and of itself would have brought the recession, but it's important for individual consumers. the more people know, the better able they are to make decisions for themselves. so we certainly think it would have had an impact. >> reporter: what are some programs around the country, maybe pilot programs around the country and what are they doing to prepare students for the future. >> sure. financial education is what we need. we've seen interactive programs that are exciting. competitions like the stock market that demonstrates it's effectiveness not only in financial literacy but also math scores. so things that are gun and engaging and that help students understand how to apply this in thur -- in their lives as adult. well thank you very much.
8:37 am
and obviously again, steve and allison, a very important issue that people are talking about with the economic crisis we've had and sparking a nationwide push to get something done in the schools. back to you. >> sarah, thank you very much. and we'll hear from sarah in a little less than an hour she'll be joined by d.c. schools chancellor michelle rhee to talk about financial literacy and the controversy over the contract for the d.c. public schoolteachers so we'll have that coming up. and 8:37 on this thursday morning. well a little dog stolen from a little boy in maryland. what happened when we come back. and also ahead here at 8:00, we are joined by washington capitals coach bruce boudreau and that's in just about 10 minutes from now. he'll talk about the caps push to the playoffs and also actor andy garcia will talk with us as well. so it's all coming up in the next 20 minutes. stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back.
8:38 am
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well just a desperate plea
8:41 am
for help from a local family. someone stole their yorkshire tear -- terrier. two strangers pulled up behind the boy and asked by the dog and then a woman picked the dog up and took off. they say 2 and a half-year-old diamond is part of the family and a big help to their blind father. >> she's been trained to let him know when someone is at the door or just a big help. she lets him know if something is in front of him. >> she guards the door and when somebody knocks at it. >> if you have any information, give police a call. that was young eric there. now to news from the national zoo this morning. zookeepers still dent know if may jong is pregnant or not. the panda has started to take things easier.
8:42 am
this week she has been spending a lot of time in doors. she was artificiallyin -- inseminated because they often have pseudo pregnancy. meet octavous. this new octopus is at the zoo. and who is now scolding tiger woods. we'll show you the new commercial featuring the golf great. and bruce boudreau joins us. and the number one capitals going to keep the momentum up just before the playoffs. coming up with the coach. it's 8:42.
8:43 am

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come in to save or log on now. all eyes will be on tiger
8:46 am
woods today as he makes his big return to golf. just a few hours from now, he'll tee off at augusta national for the start of the masters tournament. this is his first competitive round since the thanksgiving crash outside of his florida home that led to revelations of extramarital affairs. a new commercial featuring tiger woods is creating quite a buzz. >> i want to find out what your feelings are, and did you learn anything? >> that's a recording of tiger woods' late father earl woods. he stairs silently while his father talks about taking responsibility. nike aired the ad on the eve of the masters. they stood by him during the sex scandal. it is a exciting time for the washington capitals. heading to the playoffs with the best record in the nhl. and how does the team keep the
8:47 am
momentum going? there is no one better to answer that question than the caps head coach himself, known as gabby, brute boudreau. good morning. >> it's my pleasure. >> and so you wrapped it up with a couple of games left and is it time to celebrate or are you holding off the celebrating until you get through the playoffs? >> there is no celebrating in our room. we spent five seconds saying good job and then we moved on. hopefully our goals are a lot loftier than that even though as a great honor to have won the president's trophy. >> and i know you don't like to get into specific goal this is time of year, but with the team you have right now, how far could the team potentially go if the stanley cup playoffs? >> i have to believe that the opportunity is there to win it. and at the same time, there is
8:48 am
16 good teams in the playoffs. but if the regular season is any indication that we should be up there when it's time to win it, hopefully we're there. >> you've been in the playoffs the last two years, this is three years straight. two years ago you got out to buy the flyers, last year it was the penguins. and the key to me is just play teams from pennsylvania and you'll be fine. >> if we didn't have to go there we would be fine. >> you swept the season with the ping wins this year. and do you have the momentum going into the playoffs? can you keep it up. >> i think we can keep it up. momentum is a strange word. because you can lose at it at any second. i think going in today we're fairly healthy and fairly confident but we know that the second season is also an awful lost tougher than what we've been going through recently. so hopefully we'll be ready for it. >> as we mentioned, you got there the last two years and
8:49 am
you got a step farther each year. what is different about this year's team than the team you took to the second round of the playoffs last year? >> well i think we're a little older and a little more mature. we've gone through it, we didn't like the outcome obviously. we hopefully learned from the mistakes, even the mistakes we made in the first round of last year. so i think there are -- they are a little more confident rather than apprehensive going into the playoffs. and it's something i think the team has been looking forward to since we came to training camp in the fall. >> we know you have the number one seed in the east, still too early to tell who you might play in the first round, and does that matter at all? >> whoever it is it will be a good team that didn't back their way into the playoffs because every team that we potentially might play has to win so it's going to be tough. it could be anywhere from boston, who was the number one
8:50 am
seed last year, to the rangers, who are the hottest team in the nhl right now. so we don't know who it will be. we just know they will be good. >> coach, you can talk about the hockey culture in washington and where we are now? washington was always a football town. now the capitals have routinely had the best team in d.c. and now number one i nhl. do you get the sense it's becoming a hockey town. >> i believe everywhere i've gone, if they were closet watchers before, they are coming out of the closet because players and myself are being recognized all over the city and our practices are attended route on -- route only by hundreds of people. i don't think it will usurp the fact that this is football country but there are more and more hockey people growing every day and i think they like
8:51 am
what the caps are doing and it's exciting time to be a fan in washington. >> and i know you have two games left and i'm going to come down and see you on friday. i hope you put together a win for me. >> we're going to try. >> coach, we hope to talk to you again soon. >> all right. thank you. >> washington capitals, two games left on friday and sunday and then the playoffs start next week. >> go caps. i just want to touch the stanley cup if i can after they win. >> if you wear the gloves. >> i'm looking forward to that. and big named guests keep coming. up next andy garcia coming up. and two surprises on american idol last night. find out what they were next when we come back on 8:51 on fox 5 morning news.
8:52 am
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you want something special? >> no i want something nice. >> make something nicer. >> make it yourself. >> he's a great communicator. >> before we go up -- >> a comedy about a dysfunctional family full of liars. the worst offender may just be the father who is playing by actor andy garcia. he joins us now this morning live. good morning to you. >> good morning, how are you? >> i'm doing well. tank join -- thanks for joining us. rolling stones said a warming movie about a family and their secret hearts. what does that mean, the secret hearts. >> the family is juggling so many secrets they can't keep track of them and it gets them in trouble with each other.
8:56 am
and it's very dysfunctional that way. >> and i hope it's okay, i'm giving away one of yours. you have a desire to be in a different profession. we'll just say that. and in that journey to become a different person, one of your big lies is revealed and then the comedy and drama ensues. what can you tell us about giving it away. >> my character is a correctional officer who has a passion and steam to become an actor. so he is completely insecure and embarrassed and he's taking classes and telling his wife he's going to a poker game every week and that gets complicated because she thinks he's having an affair because she finds out it's not really a poker game.
8:57 am
and it gets more and more complicated and spun into a black hole of dysfunction. >> now we look at this and say look at those rizos, they're totally dysfunction. >> it's americas family. we call them america's family. >> well i was going to ask you, are we all going to see a piece of ourselves when we go see this movie? >> sure. i think so. i think everybody -- we all have things that we keep to ourselves that we might be -- that are our private dreams or embarrassments that we guard closely because it will either hurt somebody or too embarrassed to say it to anybody. i think that's a normal function in life. it's not so much a lie as it is a private sort of nugget that you guard. >> the dad that you play, vince rizo, seems so different than you. where did that come from? >> the script was great. he was so well defined in the materials so i just needed to find the parallels in my life
8:58 am
that i could relate to with him. and we all have passions and we all have dreams. he wants to be an actor, i wanted to be an actor, and so that wasn't -- i took responsibility for that dream early on in my life. but i could understand his passion for it and his deep desire to try and explore that world. so you always try to find parallels in your own life through the characters you are playing so you could fulfill their emotional needs. >> right. well the movie is playing now called city island. andy garcia, you are one of the fine actors of our time. it's been an if honor for you to be on the show. >> thank you. >> city island is rated pg 13 and is in theaters now. steve. [ singing ] well if you watched, a big surprise on idol last night. big mike lynch got the lowest
8:59 am
number of votes on american idol. so guess what, big mike, you're gone. and other surprise. the judges pulled out their save card. they use used their -- used their save to keep big mike and that means next week two people will go home. no more saves. adam lambert will serve as the mentor next week. and one more hour to go. let's turn things back over to allison and tony to take us up through 10:00. guys. >> thank you very much. steve. we have a jam-packed hour. coming up on fox 5 morning news, d.c. school chancellor michelle rhee live. there is a controversy surrounding a contract for d.c. schoolteachers. he'll talk about the details behind what the plan would provide teachers and students and another event going on today too. and we have so


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